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This is an example of how to use easy citations. Just look at the source of this page to see the details of how it is done.

You can use easy citations to cite references in a simple kind of bibliography that is automatically generated at the end of the page. The result of a citation can look like this: cite(reference-id). A typical use of easy citations is to refer to various external web pages from a wiki page cite(thispage). The wiki engine used here is called PmWiki cite(pmwiki) and the easy citations is a so called cookbook recipe cite(easycitations). Note that references do not get a new number just because you cite them again, so citing PmWiki cite(pmwiki) results in the same reference number.

The citation style here used enumerated citations. It is also possible to use a textual citation style, see ??? for an example how to do that.

How do I use it?

There are two steps to using easy citations — the order in which they are done does not matter:

  • Create a bibliographic database with information about the sources you wish to cite. This can be as simple as writing:
    : reference-id : Text of the reference that will show up in the bibliography.
    : pmwiki : http://pmwiki.org
You can have as many entries as you like within (:bib:)...(:bibend:).
  • Cite your references. This can be as simple as writing cite(reference-id) which results in cite(reference-id).

If you try to cite a reference that does not exist, you will get a '?', like this cite(not-a-reference).

By default, not all entries in the bibliography database are shown. If you wish to show an entry with actually referring to it, use the command "nocite(refid)", e.g. "nocite(notcited)" (you don't see anything because the result is only visible in the bibliography...).

See ?? for further information and examples.

(:bib :)

Cookbook:EasyCitations — the recipe page for easy citations
Text of the reference that will show up in the bibliography.
http://www.wikipublisher.org/wiki/index.php?n=Bibliographies.EasyCitationExample1 — this web page
http://pmwiki.org &emdash; the main website for PmWiki
Text of reference that is referred to with nocite(nocited)




  • Christian Ridderström

Easy citations

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