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Thesis examples

This page is intended to contain examples of thesis (MSc or PhD). Below are references to various examples.

LyX's thesis template

Since version 2.0 LyX comes with a thesis template. You find it in LyX's installation folder in the subfolder templates\thesis.

André Miede's Classic Thesis ported to LyX

André Miede's beautiful Classic Thesis style for LaTeX, a true homage to Robert Bringhurst's Elements of Typographic Style, is now ported to LyX.

Available HERE.

Ph.D. Template Example by Roy Schestowitz

This is a flexible and rich starting point for the composition of a thesis. It adheres to British standards and written to suit requirements at the Victoria University of Manchester.

You can see sample pages at http://www.schestowitz.com/IMG/research/thesis_examples/ and download the LyX file from the site.

Writing a thesis with ThLoria

ThLoria is a LaTeX class intended to write [http://uk.bestessays.com/thesis.html(approve sites) thesis] (in French). It now offers LyX support with a limited but sufficient set of layout styles.

You can get the class, layout, and a LyX example file at: http://www.loria.fr/~roegel/TeX/TL.html.

Thesis examples collection

This site provides LyX templates of different universities: http://www.thesis-template.com

University of British Columbia Thesis (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Example thesis now available in LyX. (This uses a trivial LyX layout file and mostly involved laborious debugging of the result of tex2lyx.)

http://alum.mit.edu/www/cpbl/latex/ubcTraditionalThesisLyx.html(approve sites)

 University of Colorado at Boulder Ph.D. Thesis (Boulder, CO, USA)

Lyx example thesis and solutions to some problems I encountered while writing.


SJCE project report template

http://rememberelectronics.blogspot.in/(approve sites)

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) LyX Thesis Template

This is not a document class/style/layout but a LyX template, so it is ready to use. There are two LyX templates: author-year and numerical bibliography/citation styles. This template is written in book(KOMA-script) document class. The template requires LaTeX packages: koma-script, tocloft, minitoc, kluwer, fancyhdr, prettyref.



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