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Categories: Wiki introduction
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Welcome to the wiki-wiki of the LyX community

You have now entered the wiki wiki web of the LyX community 1, where you can use your browser to edit pages as well as upload files. The content of this site is organized into pages, where each page belongs to a wiki group. If you are curious about something, you can usually click on it, so if you are curious about...


This site is a complement to the mailing lists — not a replacement. If you have a user question and can't find the answer here, go to the users' list and ask the question! If you then want to help, you can document the answer you got from the users' list here. For more information about the users' list and the developers' list, see the page Internet resources under the section Lists and news groups.

A quick introduction to editing pages and uploading files

In order to edit a page, click on the link Edit (upper right corner or bottom row). Note that this page is locked because otherwise new visitors often run off and try to edit it. To test editing a page, please go to the wiki sandbox in the playground, where you can play with all the text formatting rules.

In order to create a new page, first add a link to the new page from an existing page (e.g. the group's page list). Then simply click on the link 2   after the link that you just created. Links can be created by simply writing the name of a (new) page within double square brackes, e.g. [[Welcome]] results in Welcome which is simply a link to this page. Similarly, [[some new page]] results in some new page?, where clicking on the link allows you to create and edit the page.

In order to upload a file, you can use the file manager which you access by clicking on the link in the sidebar. See about uploading for more details.

Proceed to the homepage of the LyX wiki pages

Category: Wiki introduction


1 The LyX community is simply the users and developers of LyX (↑)

2 A link looking like a question mark, means that the link goes to a wiki-wiki page that does not yet exist. Click on the link to create and edit the new page (↑)

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