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If you're running Debian, just type:

 apt-get install lyx

This will install the packages lyx-common and lyx and you're set!


  • stretch (stable): 2.2.2
  • stretch with backports (stable): 2.2.3
  • buster/sid (testing/unstable): 2.2.3
  • experimental: 2.3.0rc2

Please report Debian specific (packaging) bugs to the Debian Bug Tracking System. A list of currently reported bugs is available at http://bugs.debian.org/src:lyx

The official LyX Debian package group wiki site is here: http://wiki.debian.org/PkgLyx.

Small or all inclusive installation?

If you'd like to get a small installation only with the bare minimum of packages you should try to install LyX with

  apt  --no-install-recommends install lyx

This will only install LyX with it's bare minimal requirements.

If you'd like to get most out of LyX you should take a look at the packages listed in the 'Recommends and 'Suggests' stanza of the Debian package with

   apt-cache show lyx

and maybe install one or more of them along with LyX. The long description of the package includes a short description of the suggested tools.

HTML output

To convert your documents to HTML you can install a specific package called eLyXer:

   apt install elyxer

And then reconfigure LyX. Two new options should appear: View -> HTML and File -> Export -> HTML. eLyXer is an independently-developed package, and reports, suggestions, etcetera should go to its own mailing list.

There are other packages that provide similar functionality, but they are not LyX-specific and the conversion process goes through LaTeX.

Build your own LyX

Get the sources either as a tarball (see http://www.lyx.org/Download), or fresh from GIT.


Build dependencies do not change that quickly, so you will meet most (or all) of them with

# apt-get build-dep lyx

Configure, Make, Install

See Compiling


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