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How to set up LyX under Windows to use it for Amharic

Note: this feature first be available available with LyX 2.3.


  1. Install LyX for Windows
  2. Install fonts that include the characters of the Ge'ez script. A good choice is the font Abyssinica SIL. Note that the wide-spread WashRa fonts are not fully compliant to Unicode and can therefore not be used.

Testing the Installation

  1. Run LyX and press Ctrl+N to open a new document. Write a few words in English, and press Ctrl+R.
    A PDF viewer program should be opened; check that it displays the text correctly.
  2. Open another document and call the menu Document → Settings.
    1. Select there in the Language section "Amharic"
    2. Select there in the Fonts section e.g. the font "Abyssinica SIL" as roman, sans-serif and as typewriter font.
    3. Press OK to close the document settings and type in a few words. In the document settings Press Ctrl+R and check the output.

Possible problems

  • LyX allows you to make text bold, italic typewriter etc. but the output will not change. The reason is that the Ge'ez script does not have all these font specials r that the font you have chosen does not support them.
  • If you do not see Amharic characters in LyX, check in the LyX preferences that the screen fonts support Amharic.

Windows Amharic

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