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How to set up LyX under Windows to use it for Mongolian


  1. Install LyX for Windows
  2. If LyX was installed while an Internet connection was opened, the packages mongolian-babel and miktex-hyph-mongolian. If not, install them using MiKTeX's Package Manager.
  3. Activate the Mongolian hyphenation rules in LaTeX:
    - Open MiKTeX's settings program
    - Go there to the dialog tab Languages and click in the checkbox for Mongolian.

Testing the Installation

  1. Run LyX and press Ctrl+N to open a new document. Write a few words in English, and press Ctrl+R.
    A PDF viewer program should be opened; check that it displays the text correctly.
  2. Open another document and call the menu Document → Settings.
    Select there in the Language section Mongolian,
    press OK and type in a few words. Press Ctrl+R and check the output.

Windows Mongolian

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