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Release notes and updated lists of know issues for LyX compared to the previous stable version.

Note that the corresponding notes for unstable releases (alpha, beta and release candidates) are found on the page Devel.release notes.

Table of contents

  1. Current stable version
    1. 1.1  LyX 2.2.0
  2. Previous releases
    1. 2.1  LyX 2.1.0
    2. 2.2  LyX 2.0.8
    3. 2.3  LyX 2.0.7
    4. 2.4  LyX 2.0.6
    5. 2.5  LyX 2.0.5
    6. 2.6  LyX 2.0.4
    7. 2.7  LyX 2.0.3
    8. 2.8  LyX 2.0.2
    9. 2.9  LyX 2.0.1
    10. 2.10  LyX 2.0.0
    11. 2.11  LyX 1.6.10
    12. 2.12  LyX 1.6.9
    13. 2.13  LyX 1.6.8
    14. 2.14  LyX 1.6.7
    15. 2.15  LyX
    16. 2.16  LyX 1.6.6
    17. 2.17  LyX 1.6.5
    18. 2.18  LyX 1.6.4
    19. 2.19  LyX 1.6.3
    20. 2.20  LyX 1.6.2
    21. 2.21  LyX 1.6.1
    22. 2.22  LyX 1.6.0
    23. 2.23  LyX 1.5.7
    24. 2.24  LyX 1.5.6
    25. 2.25  LyX 1.5.5
    26. 2.26  LyX 1.5.4
    27. 2.27  LyX 1.5.3
    28. 2.28  LyX 1.5.2
    29. 2.29  LyX 1.5.1
    30. 2.30  LyX 1.5.0
    31. 2.31  LyX
    32. 2.32  LyX 1.4.4
    33. 2.33  LyX 1.3.7

Current stable version

LyX 2.2.0

  • Announcement:
  • Release notes:

Included from LyXVCS:lyxgit/lib/RELEASE-NOTES?rev=2.2.0

!Important Changes in LyX 2.2.0

(: This file lists interface changes that might affect users in 2.2.0, some
   known problems in LyX 2.2.0 and some things you have to take into account
   when upgrading from earlier versions to a version of the 2.2.x series. :)

!!Interface changes

* The --Separator-- layout has been removed in favor of an environment
  separator inset. There is no provision for inserting this inset from
  the GUI (though some menu entries use it) as it is automatically inserted
  when needed. See Section 3.4.6 of the User Guide for details.

* The prefix for subsections in labels and references has been changed from
  "sub:" to "subsec:" in order to avoid a clash with subfloats (conflicting
  \subref command, see #7550). Files are automatically converted to the new
  scheme. Please assure that you adapt external refstyle or prettyref
  definitions and your own layout files.

* Support for printing from within LyX (File> Print) has been removed. LyX's
  printing support was very limited, and most users will want to print after
  reviewing an output document (e.g., a PDF), anyway, which can be done from the
  PDF viewer.
  Users who would like to restore this functionality can create a
  "printer" format from within LyX and then define, say, a
  pdf->printer converter that does nothing but call lpd, or a2ps, or
  whatever. The "printer" will then be available as an export option.

!!!The following pref variables were added in 2.2:

* \save_origin
  This variable was introduced to allow saving the document directory
  path in the document. If allowed, LyX will be able to locate all
  included files even when the document is manually moved/copied to
  a different location. If a valid \origin tag is present and the
  document was actually moved, the path of all included files is
  updated relative to the new location and the new origin will be
  recorded when saving again the document.

!!!The following pref variables were changed in 2.2:

!!!The following pref variables are obsoleted in 2.2:

* \rtl
  This variable was introduced to guard against any bad consequence of
  the then-new right-to-left languages support. It is no longer needed
  because of improvements. Now right-to-left support is always enabled.

* \printer
* \print_adapt_output
* \print_command
* \print_evenpage_flag
* \print_oddpage_flag
* \print_pagerange_flag
* \print_copies_flag
* \print_collcopies_flag
* \print_reverse_flag
* \print_to_printer
* \print_to_file
* \print_file_extension:
  These were used for print support, which has been removed.

!!!The following new LyX functions have been introduced in 2.2:

* buffer-view-cache
  Opens the last previewed output of the buffer, if it exists.

* buffer-move-next
  Moves the current tab one spot to the right.

* buffer-move-previous
  Moves the current tab one spot to the left.

* tabular-feature is reintroduced to allow more flexibility for user
  commands, whereas "inset-modify tabular" is now reserved for the tabular
  dialog. In particular, "inset-modify tabular" is no longer caught by math grid
  insets. The name tabular-feature is kept to avoid renaming icons. For more
  information, see #9794.

!!!The following LyX functions have been changed in 2.2:

* word-upcase, word-lowcase and word-capitalize do not select the word
  to operate on in the emacs way (that is, starting at cursor
  position); this behaviour can be restored by using the argument

* Functionality of "inset-modify tabular" has changed. See description of the
  new LyX function "tabular-feature" above.

!!!The following LyX key bindings have been changed in 2.2:

* For bindings where Control + {PgDn, PgUp} switches to the
  {next, previous} tab, Control + Shift + {PgDn, PgUp} moves the current
  tab to the {next, previous} tab.

* The shortcuts for "bookmark-save x" have been changed from C-M-S-x to S-Fx
  ("x" stands for the number of the bookmark.)

!!!The following LyX documents have been moved in 2.2:

!!!The following metadata files have been added to the tarball in 2.2:

!!Changes with respect to external programs and libraries in 2.2:

* LyX 2.2.0 and the following 2.2.x releases will continue to work well with
  Qt 4.5 (and later Qt 4.x) but will also support Qt 5.6, which brings some
  advantages most notably for users with HiDPI displays. Note that if you
  compile LyX with a Qt 5 release before 5.6 you are likely to run into
  several regressions with respect to Qt 4.x. See #9215 for a list of bugs
  related to compiling LyX with different versions of Qt.

* The Qt libraries must have support for the SVG graphic format, because
  LyX now uses svg icons. If this support is lacking, icons cannot be shown.

* If compiling LyX on Windows with Qt 5.6, it is recommended to use MSVC 2015
  update 2 to avoid #9892.

* LyX now gives an error if the underlying LaTeX command exited with error.

!!Known issues in version 2.2.0

* LyX needs Python 2.7 at runtime. The python 2 interpreter needs to be named
  either 'python' or 'python2'.
  Building LyX usually works with Python 3 as well, but there might be cases
  where it does not work properly on systems where Python 3 is the default
  binary. See #7030 to know how to fix this properly, since simple shebang
  conversion in *.py files will not be enough.

* If using LyX with Qt 4, it is possible to suddenly get keyboard keys wrong,
  and deadlock. To work around the issue, you can disable IBus for LyX by
  starting LyX as 'XMODIFIERS= lyx'. For further discussion and alternative
  workarounds, see #9362.

* LyX can produce LuaTeX output that is not compatible with the newest versions
  of the engine (e.g. 0.95.0, the version in TeX Live 2016). In a later 2.2.x
  version we plan to implement exporting of LuaTeX code that is compatible
  with the LuaTeX versions shipped with both TeX Live 2015 and TeX Live 2016.
  For more information, see the following mailing list thread:

!!Caveats when upgrading from earlier versions to 2.2.x

* BibTeX errors are now processed and cause LyX to show the errors dialog.
  Before, these errors were ignored, which means that it may happen that
  documents that compiled without error with a previous version now
  compile with error. However, because now in 2.2.x users can click on
  the "Show Output Anyway" button, the document can still be viewed.

* Missing characters in the output are now reported as errors. This leads
  to error reports for documents that compiled without error before.
  However, the error was always present but went undetected!

* Documents using Times fonts and containing Greek characters may now fail
  to compile under pdflatex for users of MikTeX due to an automatically
  half-installed "grtimes" package. A workaround in LyX was removed as it
  stands in the way of alternative approaches (see #6469).

* With LuaTeX, LyX now uses polyglossia instead of babel if the language
  package option "Automatic" is selected. In order to use babel, select
  "Always babel" instead. This may be needed if a document uses code that
  is specific to babel.

* As usual, when opening and saving a document that was created by a previous
  major version of LyX (in this case 2.1.x), the file format is changed to
  the new file format (in this case 2.2.x). What is different starting with
  2.2.0 is that when we save a file that was not originally in the current LyX
  format, we create a backup of the original file. We put it in the backup
  directory, if one exists, otherwise in the directory the original file is
  in. This is the same strategy as for normal backups. This backup file can be
  helpful in case a bug in lyx2lyx caused data loss. For more information, see

Previous releases

LyX 2.1.0

  • Announcement:
  • Release notes:

LyX 2.0.8

LyX 2.0.7

LyX 2.0.6

LyX 2.0.5

LyX 2.0.4

LyX 2.0.3

LyX 2.0.2

LyX 2.0.1

LyX 2.0.0

LyX 1.6.10

LyX 1.6.9

LyX 1.6.8

LyX 1.6.7


LyX 1.6.6

LyX 1.6.5

LyX 1.6.4

LyX 1.6.3

LyX 1.6.2

LyX 1.6.1

LyX 1.6.0

LyX 1.5.7

LyX 1.5.6

LyX 1.5.5

LyX 1.5.4

LyX 1.5.3

LyX 1.5.2

LyX 1.5.1

LyX 1.5.0


LyX 1.4.4

LyX 1.3.7

Category: Development, Release

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