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New in LyX 2.4

Categories: Development, LyX_2_4
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About the new features in LyX 2.4.

What is new in LyX 2.4?

The LyX Team

April 2018

§ New features brought by the new file format

§ Fonts

The following (LaTeX) fonts are now supported natively:

  • PT Fonts These "Public Types of Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion" focus on Cyrillic and contain also Latin letters.
  • Enhanced Bitstream Charter fonts via the XCharter LaTeX package.

§ New supported document languages

§ New supported LaTeX commands

  • Support for the landscape environment of the [pdf]lscape packages has been added in form of the new Landscape module.

§ Extensions

  • The possibility to switch between raw LaTeX input and formatted input in some dialog widgets has been extended to included listsing's captions.

§ General improvements

  • LyX now has basic support for the cprotect package. This means that "verbatim" input can be used now at places where a LaTeX error would have occurred previously, such as verbatim paragraphs in frame boxes, URLs with characters such as '#' or '%' in section headings or footnotes or comment insets in captions, which allows us to resolve some really old bug reports.

§ New translations of the LyX user interface

§ Shortcuts

§ New or changed LFUNs

The following functions have been added:

The following functions have been changed:

§ Layouts

§ Module enhancements

§ Image formats and conversion

§ New preferences settings

§ Miscellaneous

§ Under the hood

§ Backported


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