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This group of pages contains information related to using LyX on Microsoft Windows systems.

Supported Windows versions: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 and 8.1.

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Current stable version: 2.0.7

  • Standard installer: LyX-2.0.7-Installer-3.exe (36 MB). This installer requires that LaTeX (MikTeX or TeXLive) are already installed.
  • Bundle with MiKTeX: LyX-2.0.7-Bundle-3.exe (214 MB). This installer is designed for new users, additionally to the standard installer, it includes MiKTeX and as Option the bibliography manager JabRef.

Previous stable version: 1.6.10

Versions for Cygwin

  • If you use Cygwin on Windows, it may be more convenient to use the cygwin binary, since latex, python, etc. are all available from cygwin. You should download lyx-2.0.2-cygwin.tar.gz, un-tar it using Cygwin (not native) tools, and follow the instructions . See LyXOnCygwin for more information.


In case ftp.lyx.org is down, please try one of our ftp mirrors listed on main page.

More Information

If you have questions, please post them to our users' mailing list.

Main window screenshot
LyX running on a Windows XP system


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