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Categories: Development, LyX_2_0
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Notes and bugs with AdvSearch branch

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  1.   1.  Intro
  2.   2.  Possible Enhancements
  3.   3.  Longstanding issues
  4.   4.  Bugs (stoppers, i.e., leading to crash)
  5.   5.  Minor issues
  6.   6.  Fixed bugs (hopefully)
  7.   7.  Before merging
  8.   8.  History
  9.   9.  Categories

1.  Intro

Video about basic usage of the introduced feature:

Documentation of the feature available as a separate LyX manual, at the moment (plans are to integrate it into LyX UserGuide):

2.  Possible Enhancements

The "Ignore Format" checkbox should allow for a finer control of what you want to consider or ignore (prototype implementation available, if you want to test, write directly to me, it won't be proposed/committed as soon as I was expecting):

  • character faces, like emphasized or italics
  • text styles, like sections and paragraphs
  • notes
  • math environments, e.g., distinguishing between $...$ and \[...\] or not
  • tables

Also, it would be nice to be able to search only within some of the above categories (mainly, searching only within normal text, or maths, or headings, or tables, etc...).

3.  Longstanding issues

  • Search when the text to find and the one that is searched within contain curly braces [ I'm working on it ]
  • ⚠ Bug 453   make search and replace work in mathed [ fixedintrunk ]
  • ⚠ Bug 1262 Search & Replace: "wrap" option [ fixedintrunk ]
  • ⚠ Bug 2548 Wishlist: limit find/replace to selected text (won't be implemented shortly)
  • ⚠ Bug 2625 convert the search dialog to a search bar [ fixedintrunk ]
  • ⚠ Bug 2674 Find and replace should restore initial cursor position [ fixedintrunk ]
  • ⚠ Bug 3696 Find/replace to preserve capitalisation [ fixedintrunk ]
  • ⚠ Bug 4552 Regular Expressions in Find & Replace Dialog [ fixedintrunk ]
  • ⚠ Bug 4987 Allow to exclude LyX Notes in a search [ patch exists ]

4.  Bugs (stoppers, i.e., leading to crash)

Well, seems none at the moment :-)

5.  Minor issues

  • Open math manual:
    1. window is wrongly scrolled after find next of A-B - text found is one line above the visible screen.
    2. A-B is found even in text mode of document //this is not bug, but needs documentation
    3. instant preview works even inside finder text area.
  • When keeping searching by hitting [RET], after having confirmed restart from beginning of document, focus is not on SearchAdv widget anymore, and next hit of [RET] deletes the last found text in the document, instead of keeping searching

6.  Fixed bugs (hopefully)

  • when typing C-S-f, focus does not go automatically to new find LyX-area, so you need either a mouse-click, or a tab, or a double alt-tab [ FIXED ]
  • Open math manual:
    1. [C-S-m] (search for...) [C-m] a+b [RET] [RET] --> CRASH [ FIXED with patch sent on July, 25th 2009 ]
  • launch LyX, open userguide, ctrl+shift+f, now open outliner through menu -> crash [ FIXED by avoiding calls to tocBackend on embedded WAs ]
  • Finish Replace: for example, replace all occurrence of "word" with the word emphasized, and "\emph{word}" is replaced, instead of "word". [ FIXED ]
  • Before merging, switch off lyxerrs [ Currently all lyxerrs have been confined within LYXERR(Debug::FIND, ...) ]
  • Endless loop while searching backwards and matching in nested insets [ FIXED ]
  • search cursor is wrongly kept on the tab of last-find buffer regardless change in tabbar. after closing such a buffer we even get crash. [ FIXED ]
  • sometimes it crashes on exit if advsearch feature was activated [ FIXED ]
  • search in math text is very slow, so we neeed clock mouse cursor when search is in progress [ FIXED ]

7.  Before merging

  • merge docs into guides [ Done ]

8.  History

Development of AdvancedSearch had started in a separate branch:

Now it has been integrated into trunk, and planned to be released with LyX 2.0.0.

9.  Categories

Category: Development, LyX_2_0

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Page last modified on 2011-08-22 23:23 UTC