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Help and instructions for using this site

Links to other pages need to be checked

The contents of this site is organized into pages, where each page belongs to a wiki group (see site structure for more details). You can use your browser to change the content of this site by editing pages and uploading files.

In order to edit a page, click on the link Edit Page (upper right corner or bottom row). However, before you actually change an important page, go to the playground and practice editing in a sandbox using the text formatting rules.

In order to create a new page, you should usually first add a link to the new page from the group's PageList. Then simply click on the question mark 1  after the link that you just created.

In order to upload a file, you can use the link Upload file next to the Edit-links, but please read about uploading first.

Finally, remember that if you have a question about this site, first look at the site FAQ.

Here is a list of general help pages:

Here are some good places to look for help with PmWiki. For a more complete list, see PmWiki.DocumentationIndex.

Other wikis

Finally, here are some links (to other wikis) for introductions:

  • PmWiki:PmWiki is the wiki site of the WikiEngine? that runs this site.
  • Meatball:StyleGuide has some discussion on how to write for the curious. As long as common sense prevails, nothing else is needed. Try to avoid shallow pages: There is no need to create pages just to define terms.
  • Meatball:WhyWikiWorks explains why wikis (hopefully) generate interesting content and why there is not much abuse.
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