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About copyrights and this site

A wiki wiki web creates the possibility of anonymous joint authorship. This may confuse ownership. When reading or posting to a wiki, consider the following.

  • unsigned works belong to the wiki operators
  • signed works belong to their author(s) and are subject to fair use
  • you make anonymous corrections to signed works in the spirit of technical editing; such corrections become the property of the original author(s)
  • you grant permission to distribute to the wiki operators with each posting, signed or unsigned
  • the content carries no implied validation of authorship or any other claims
  • different wikis or different parts of the same wiki may carry different terms, depending on their purpose

You can use the sections you write verbatim, including anonymous corrections and additions. You can quote, paraphrase and reference other material, consistent with fair use. You should use independent sources to check facts. The open nature of the wiki means that published materials are not verified.

The above is a précis of Ward Cunningham's original.

The LyX documents on this site are works-in-progress that grows in value as people contribute to them, and as such promotes joint authorship and open ownership.

The practical intent is that the LyX documents on this site are open, they cannot become non-open, and future readers will be afforded the same rights and opportunities as current readers. See also the GNU free Documentation License and the Open Publication License.


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