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Description of groups shared between users' and developers' fields

This site is divided into two fields, but the following groups are shared between the fields. This means that all pages within that group are seen from both fields, and that changing a page will change it for both fields.

  • Site/: This group (i.e. Site/) is about this site... e.g. how it is structured, organized and implemented, as well as ideas for how to improve it.
  • PmWiki/: Documentation about the PmWiki-engine
  • Test/: A group dedicated to testing this site and its local customizations.
  • Profiles/: Profiles of people using this site
  • Playground/: I know this isn't the right place but being short on time I grabbed the first somewhat OK page to edit:


Since pages in the shared groups are - well - shared, remember to prefix links to a non-shared pages. For instance, if you want to link to the page Songbook in the group Layouts of the user's filed, you prefix the link with LyX: like this:


The prefix for the develpers' field is Devel:. If you don't want the prefix to show, you can do it like this:

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