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Categories: Development, Bugzilla, Spam, Bugs
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Dealing with spam in bugzilla.

1.  Introduction

Spammers have started uploading attachments to issues in bugzilla that are spam. Typically the attachment redirects the unsuspecting browser to some other page, and sometimes the attachment in itself contains spam.

Update (2008-11-16, Berlin): I ran the script again up to attachment 3028 and can happily report that I did not find any new spam. /Christian

2.  Methods for "removing" an attachment

Not sure how to remove a spam, but changing the MIME type to 'application/spam' at least seems to make the browser not open the actual attachment.

3.  Methods for detecting spam attachments in the database

  • Use advanced searches?
  • Search for spam with a MIME type of HTML/TEXT?
  • Create a script that analyzes all the attachments, see further down

3.1  Script for downloading and detecting spam attachments

Not documented, but the script can be found at: uploads:/Site/bugspam/

The URI for viewing a bugzilla attachment is like the following:

Attachment 1615 is safe to view by the way.

I've also created a intermap prefix for the wiki, so from wiki pages we can equivalently use LyXBugFileView:1615. To get a link that allows us to edit attributes of the attachment, use LyXBugFileEdit:1615.

4.  Bugzilla attachments that are spam.

If nothing else is noted, the MIME type has been changed to application/spam, hoping this will prevent it from being useful. This might however not stop IE from opening the file...

4.1  1600-1649

4.2  1650-1699

4.3  1700-1750

4.4  1750-1799

4.5  1800-

Category: Development, Bugzilla, Spam, Bugs

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Page last modified on 2008-11-15 13:46 UTC