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Notes on build time of LyX on different systems.

Richard's build times on quad core machine

The system comprises an Intel Core 2 Quad processor running at 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM on an Asus P5N32-E motherboard; the LyX sources are on a Western Digital Raptor (10000RPM) drive.

Timing tests were carried out 2008-01-19 in the src/ directory using the command:

touch lfuns.h && make -j<n>

for n=1..4

Results:  n=1         n=2         n=3         n=4   
real      0m50.103s   0m33.318s   0m24.317s   0m23.925s
user      0m32.603s   0m32.877s   0m33.867s   0m34.246s
sys       0m14.523s   0m14.847s   0m15.897s   0m15.679s
Question: What revision of the source?
Q2: What configuration params? (debug flags on?, monolithic builds?)

Build times on centrino (2 cores) here?.

Note that complete installation procedure was done (ie, untar, autotools, make, make install, texhash).


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