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Categories: Development, LyX_2_1
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The proposal for a roadmap to implement bundling in LyX2.0.


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The following sources of information have been used:


Collection of all files that are needed to form a compilable document

  • Global vs Inset-specific embedding
    If one of the features is to obtain a compilable document, global embedding is a logic strategy. However one can easily think of exceptions:
    • creating document templates including figures (see [2]), users would then have a document comprised of the embedded template-related files and their own files
    • embedding only those figures that are new or changed (with respect to a previous version),
    • excluding large files from being embedded (to make the document suitable for e-mail),
    • manually adding external files (as we probably won't be able to guarantee a compilable document always).

Export the lyx document + the embedded files as a single file.

Based on the BundleSuggestions document, it seems that the preference of most developers is to have a zipped directory (structure) containing the lyx files and all embedded files.

Working in a bundled mode

This requires synchronization of the external files and the embedded files. Some challenges:

  • The users are now used to work with a LyX document with links to external files. Changing the external file immediately changes the content of the document.
  • To avoid confusion, it would be a merit not to have two versions of an image: the external file and the embedded file.

Chronological steps


Category: Development, LyX_2_1

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