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Notes and ideas for how to export a LyX document to a wiki page in some simple way.

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  1.   1.  Add export option to LyX
    1.   1.1  Usage and motivation

1.  Add export option to LyX

>> >  Hum, looking at the syntax I think it should be quite easy to modify the
>> >  'Plain Text' export of LyX so that it supports the wiki syntax.
>>  Where is this code located?
> Look at InsetBase::plaintext() and all its derivative. You have two options:
> - add a new pmWiki()
> - modularize plaintext() so that it can generate PmWiki tags optionally.

1.1  Usage and motivation

Make it possible to do copy and paste from LyX to a wiki page. Abdel wrote:

> I was thinking more about Copy&Paste (which uses the plaintext() export
> framework). Then you'd need a preference option telling in which format    
> the clipboard should be and "voila"... 

Category: Development, Export to PmWiki, Misc

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Page last modified on 2007-09-15 10:08 UTC