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Notes about Joost's installer.

1.  Structure of installer

Note that files in SVN related to Joost's installer can be linked to by writing e.g. LyxJoostInst:./

1.1  Comments from Christian

Notes while studying the structure of the installer.

Compilation starts with lyx.nsi.

Structure of files (i.e. the tree of included files and NSIS libraries):

1.2  Important constants ("defines")

  • SETUPTYPE_NAME: This is set to INSTALL if SETUPTYPE_BUNDLE is defined, and to DOWNLOAD if SETUPTYPE_BUNDLE is not defined.

2.  Various questions

Why include declarations.nsh before compiling launcher.nsi and pdfview.nsi? Are environment variables passed along when system() is invoked?

No, the settings file provides the location of these scripts (a define is used in the filename). Joost

Do the argument to '!include' always use '\' as path separator?

Yes. Joost.

When defining a constant as a string, is it possible to split that definition over several lines when the string is really long?

What is the logic behind the partitioning of the code?

3.  Things to ask of Joost

Things to ask Joost about (I should probably ask Uwe for the equivalent).

List of "files" in the installer. (I wonder because of the "ReserveFile" directive)

Ask for document/text describing overall design of installer(s). This document/text should probably then be kept with the source, e.g. in the source code. Or why not as a LyX document?

What is the separate "launcher" installer/application?

What is the separate "pdfview" installer/application?

What is the thing with the file "English.nsh"? Is it simply that Windows ignores the case of filenames? If that's the case, can the installer be built on e.g. Linux (ext3 filesystem)?

Categories: Development, Windows, Windows installer

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