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Notes about the LyX file format. For now this page just embeds development/FORMAT.

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LyX file-format changes ----------------------- Please keep the entries informative enough, i.e. try to indicate what changes happened in particular if possible. A good example would be 2010-01-10 entry. ----------------------- 2023-09-29 Jürgen Spitzmüller * Format incremented to 620: Add InsetBox "default" framecolor ("foreground" rather than "black" in GUI). This aligns better with dark mode. 2023-09-06 Richard Kimberly Heck * Format incremented to 619: New document header \use_formatted_ref for workarea display purposes only. 2023-08-01 Udi Fogiel * Format incremented to 618: Hebrew quote style New buffer param \quotes_style hebrew \begin_inset Quotes d{l,r}{d,s} 2023-07-20 Jürgen Spitzmüller * Format incremented to 617: Update covington support in linguistics module: - Support enviroment option of example and examples - Support angular item argument of examples and subexamples (this shifts item argument structure) - Support new optional arguments of \digloss and \trigloss (this shifts argument structure) - Support \expreamble, \subexpreamble \expostamble, \subexpostamble macros 2023-06-11 Enrico Forestieri * Format incremented to 616: Do not output LaTeX for a macro if the LaTeX part is empty - This allows the user to define the LyX display for LaTeX commands that are already defined (e.g., in user preamble or a package). - No substantive change to file format. Format change just in case someone defined a math macro with an empty LaTeX field. In that case, lyx2lyx adds {} to the LaTeX part on conversion and removes the macro altogether on reversion. 2023-04-02 Jürgen Spitzmüller * Format incremented to 615: Unifiy spelling of "acknowledgment" styles (using US spelling throughout) 2022-12-25 Richard Kimberly Heck * Format incremented to 614: New "Other" type for hyperlinks 2022-12-11 Jürgen Spitzmüller * Format incremented to 613: Support \\fonts_default_family for non-TeX fonts. 2022-12-04 Daniel Ramöller * Format incremented to 612: Implement support for starred crossref commands (with hyperref) which suppress links: - \begin_inset CommandInset ref LatexCommand {ref,pageref,vref,vpageref,eqref,nameref} [...] nolink "true" => \*{