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LyX meeting on 2021-01-11.


2021-01-11 16:00-17:15 (UTC) on Zoom


  • Jean-Pierre Chretien
  • Riki Heck
  • Scott Kostyshak
  • Joel Kulesza
  • Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
  • José Matos
  • Pavel Sanda
  • Jürgen Spitzmüller
  • Stephan Witt


  1. Organization, Donations and Such
  2. LyX 2.4 Plans

Organization, Donations and Such

  • The donation page needs to be reworked.
  • Jean-Marc to talk to Lars about the LyX account.
  • Jean-Marc retrieved an old email from TUG with suggestions on how to deal with donations. He will try to contact them.
  • José will look into affiliating us with some FOSS organization to deal with with administrative issues.
  • The legal perspective is necessary in order to have the LyX binary correctly signed in the Mac/Apple platform.

LyX 2.4 Plans

  • Jean-Pierre made a small presentation with the different workflows of the documentation update.
  • The difficulty comes from synchronizing the documents between the different languages. Every major and minor changes need to be applied to other languages.
  • One option is to copy and paste the new/changed sections to other languages documents in other to ease the translation effort.
  • Riki will ask on the developers and user mailing list for someone to take over managing the documentation.
General issues
  • It was agreed that we should do regular alpha and/or testing releases.
  • It was unanimously agreed that 2.4 is in good shape and so we should proceed with a 2.4 release.
  • Riki will be the release manager for the current release cycle.
  • NOW: Have a discussion about what new features people still want to get into 2.4.
  • NOW: No re-factoring changes.
    • Revert the move constructor change for now. This change can be applied after the stable release.
  • SOON: A feature and format freeze is coming soon.
Issue tracker migration

Trac, our current issue/bug manager is quite dated. It needs maintenance in order for it to be updated. Considering the work involved we are considering other options.

  • Joel will work on migrating to GitLab, or other related platform. This migration will only proceed after the next stable release.


Category: Development, LyX Meeting

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