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Notes towards implementing Ranges as first-class objects (alongside Insets) in LyX

Requirements / Ideas

  1. 'range-select' lfun which acts as follows: select smallest range around cursor position / current selection; such that if the cursor is embedded inside an hierarchy of a few ranges, first the smallest range is selected, then the next-larger one, etc. (see, or similar but not as good
  2. By default, during selection select entire range at once? (see
  3. the status bar shows the hierarchy of objects we are in (in our case, it could be "Branch, Footnote"). ... clicking on one of this labels selects the corresponding object (see


  1. Translating from position-based ranges to a nested presentation (e.g., for latex output):
The problem is that in the buffer, ranges are represented only as <from,to> pairs; however, ultimately we are going to have to translate this into nested ranges, for the latex output (where commands/environments are nested). see thread
  1. Representing ranges in the .lyx (XML format) file:
The problem is similar to the previous one; except that now, even in the .lyx XML (which must be legally nested) we want to retain the <from,to> based format. see thread

Use cases

Implementation details

Open issues / keep in mind

  1. How to differentiate between
\emph{emphasized} not emphasized \emph{emphasized}
\emph{emphasized \emph{also emphasized} emphasized}


Development, Misc

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