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Categories: Development, GSoC
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2012 Summer of Code - Ideas Page

LyX 2012 Summer of Code Ideas

If you see an idea here which interests you, please consider contacting the LyX Developer's list. You can send a message to lyx-devel@lists.lyx.org. (Instructions on how to subscribe can be found at http://www.lyx.org/MailingLists#lyx_devel.) We would love to discuss any thoughts you might have, or to help you put together a student application.

Deadline: March 9, 23:00 UTC

Project: Python scripting support

Brief Explanation: Python is one of the best choices as a scripting language for an application like LyX. The idea is to allow user-code to interact with LyX through shortcuts, LFUNs (LyX user commands) and an event system (new document opened, cursor moved and so on) to provide the ability create macros for repeating tasks or even GUIs to generate LaTeX code for useful packages not directly supported by LyX. It's not necessary to expose a complete object model to the Python scripting engine, interaction could happen with an improved LFUN+event system. A quick internal script editor could be a good idea.

Expected Results: The expected result is to have the possibility to run Python code when certain events are raised and interact with the document and the user interface.

Knowledge Prerequisite: Python knowledge and C++ skills, minimal experience with the Qt framework.

Prospective Mentor(s):

Project: Name of the project

Brief Explanation:

Expected Results:

Knowledge Prerequisite:

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Category: Development, GSoC

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