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About a possible concept called 'Idea of the month' or 'Idea of the week'.

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An idea from Christian, original message:

On a different (very specialized list), they have a "tip of the week". It's an email with a tip about how to use that particular software.

What do you think about doing something similar for LyX?

This idea just came to me and I'm tired, so it might be a really stupid idea of course.

However, the tips could vary from being very simple to quite advanced tips. One tip could simply be explaining the philosophy behind LyX. Another could be explaining the connection to LaTeX and the backend. Or simply how to insert floats that are centered. Or explaining some of the new features that have arrived since.... oh, let's say 1.3.4 which is when I was last up to date :-)

These tips could then be accumulate on a web page, and might be an alternative way for people to learn about LyX.

From a practical point of view, it might feel like a burden to write these tips, so I think we'd need a cache of prepared tips several weeks in advance. We might also ask for users to submit these tips. Or perhaps we should flip it around, and strive to make the tips a user driven activity, where we just filter the tips.

Anyway, the basic idea would be to increase the knowledge about what and how you can do things in LyX. A "lazier" way of reading the manual...



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