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Categories: Development, Tips
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Miscellnous tips related to development.

How to license your contributions

Developers of LyX are asked to contribute under GPL version 2 or later. Please send a message to the developers' list that you agree to this, you could say something like:

I hereby grant permission to license my contributions to LyX under the Gnu General Public Licence (version two or later).

Or to be really explicit, you do like in Tommaso's post.

How to start the debugger when using shared libaries

To start gdb when using shared libraries, do somehing like:

libtool --mode=execute gdb lyx-devel/src/lyx-qt4

How to look at the log of a branch


  • To look at the log (all changesets?)
    svn log --stop-on-copy  svn://svn.lyx.org/lyx/lyx-devel/branches/personal/younes/mvc

By checking out the branch

  • To look at all changesets, including the ones before the branching point
    svn co svn://svn.lyx.org/lyx/lyx-devel/branches/personal/younes/mvc
    svn log 
  • To look at log of changeset rev
    svn log -r rev 
  • To look at diff of changeset rev
    svn diff -r rev-1:rev 


Category: Development, Tips

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