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Requests from users to new development series

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  1.   1.  LyX 1.6
    1.   1.1  Mailing list
  2.   2.  Features ideas
    1.   2.1  Rich text cut and paste using OS clipboard
    2.   2.2  File-based layout files
  3.   3.  Categories

1.  LyX 1.6

1.1  Mailing list

2.  Features ideas

(first time I contribute here,I don't know if it's the place) Ideas of nex features for LyX:

  1. to be able to select multiple files using <shft> or <ctrl> when in the QT4 File Chooser (<ctrl>+o). And the result would be that LyX open all the given files and each in its respective tab.
  2. Same feature within one file: to be able to have several selections in one time (Ooo does it for example)
  3. The possibility to open a file in a running instance of LyX (say, in the style of web browsers: "opera --newpage <url>").
  4. Export to .doc format, or perhaps .odt if an open standard is easier. I know this isn't trivial, but there are many instances where users are requested to submit files as .doc, but want the typesetting features of LyX for composition. It doesn't need to be (and I personally don't want) .docx, but something compatible with MS Word 2000 would be extremely welcome.

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2.1  Rich text cut and paste using OS clipboard

I've seen some references to Word import/export on the Google Summer of Code 2008 page.

I work with Word and LyX, but I don't think import/export is necessary, or even desirable.

Imports/exports from Word and ODT using other packages usually aren't very clean, and have a lot of extraneous formatting code that has to be stripped out.

It would be much better just to allow native cut and paste using the OS clipboards, keeping all line breaks and basic text formatting like alignment and bold and italics. The current clunky plain-text only cut and paste necessitates a lot of reformatting when moving text between LyX and other applications.

Rich text cut and paste with the OS clipboard would be a big step forward for interoperability between LyX and more mainstream WYSIWYG word processing applications.

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2.2  File-based layout files

I don't know if it's possible but:

The possibility to have a page in options to insert custom "layout" style commands that apply only to the current document. For example I define in preamble a custom environment and I can define in it so I can select it from the combobox of environments without editing and creating a new layout file.

I have a document with documentclass book (KOMA-SCRIPT) and I need a theorem environment (that is provided by AMS book class) Then I can open my document "Lyx preamble" panel and add the definition of the theorem from amsbook.layout to the preamble of this document and begin to insert Theorem with simplicity.

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3.  Categories

Category: Development, LyX_1_6, Bugs

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