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This is meant to eventually become (or seed) some kind of introduction to the code for the Windows installer. It'll probably end up being a text (or .lyx) file in the repository.

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  1.   1.  Installer source code
  2.   2.  Binaries - J's code

1.  Installer source code

There are currently two codes. They will be merged:

2.  Binaries - J's code

A wrapper application that is used to start the real LyX application (lyxc.exe). The source code for this is in LyxJoostInst:../../launcher/launcher.nsi
The LyX application. The source code is the real source code for LyX. The 'c' in the name stands for 'console' according to Joost.
An application for launching the PDF viewer on the system. This application is needed to work around a bug in Adobe Reader. This application uses pdfopen/pdfclose. (What are those? /C) The source for this application is LyxJoostInst:../../pdfview/pdfview.nsi If you are using GSView, this isn't needed because it doesn't lock files. This appliacation works both with View PDF and Update PDF.

Category: Development, Windows installer

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