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Miscellanous unsorted notes regarding the windows installer.

Useful code snippets for getting statistics on the code

Finding the files

Finding J's NSIS files

cd .../installer   
find ../../ . -iname "*.ns?" -not -path "*/LyXWinInstaller/*"

Finding U's NSIS files

cd .../installer   
find LyXWinInstaller -iname "*.ns?"

Finding only code lines

find LyXWinInstaller -iname "*.ns?" -exec cat {} \; | sed -e ' s/^\([ \t]\+\)//' | grep -v '^#' | grep -v '^$' > Us_code.txt

Time history of the installers according to Uwe

DateEvent"Official installer"U's installer
2005A makes=> A's inst.
2005 May/JuneU joins=> A+U's inst.
2005 autumnU takes over=> Official inst.
2005 autumnU splits => U's bundled inst.
2006 JuneJ splits from U's code=> New official inst. 
TodayStatus nowJ == Official inst.U == bundled and update inst.
  • A = Angus Leeming
  • U = Uwe Stöhr
  • J = Joost Veerburg
  • Off inst. = Official installer

Category: Development, Windows installer

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