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Notes on plan for Windows installer.

Plan - part I, pre-study

The purpose of part I of the plan is to gain an understanding of the current installers in terms of:

  • What do they do? (features)
  • How do they do it? (implementation)
  • Structure of code?
  • Problems with code? (bugs, readability, maintainability, ?)

As a part of this we should be able to produce top-level descriptions of what the installers do.

Input from Joost and Uwe. B&C would appreciate some input from J&U if they can find the time. Some things that would help are as follows:
  • Answer questions during the process
  • Top-level description of what the respective installer does
  • ? something else?

Further reading of the code (duration = 2 weeks, done before March 9:th)

Christian and Bo, who both have found the reading... though, will continue to read for two more weeks.

Analysis (duration = 1 week?)

Think about what should be done, and look for relevant parts in the installer sources. We'll then express opnions using the wiki like e.g.


 J: compile from source, (put source in svn?)
 U: PDFview.exe in SVN, not a good idea.

Decision, further planning (duration = a few days?)

After reviewing lists/notes as described above, all four of us will discuss the analysis results. Then we decide on how to proceed.

Bo and Christian already think that some reshuffling of the code is needed (for readability if nothing else).

Plan - part II, implementation


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