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Description of test procedure for a new release of a the Windows installers of LyX. This page should hopefully allow advanced Windows users to help testing the installers.

Test procedure for the alternate Windows installer

The major problem with testing a new release of the Windows installer is that it cannot be built until after the source code of a new LyX release has been prepared. This means a slight delay between a new LyX release and the release of a corresponding Windows installer.

It is especially helpful with users that are able to build the Windows installer themselves, in case Uwe is delayed in building it after a new LyX release.

Uwe's testing routine of the alternate Windows installer.

  • Install complete: deinstall Aspell, MiKTeX, ImageMagick, LyX, etc. before installing LyX
  • Install small: start with an already installed MiKTeX
  • Install on different systems: WinXP, WinXPx64, Win2000
  • Install update: start from the previous LyX installation

In all 4 cases I test:

  • Graphics, InstantPreview, Spellchecker, Math, Thesaurus, and if I can I compile the UserGuide

But there are these additional cases:

  • install LyX on a system where Aspell is already installed (only needed when there is a new Aspell release)
  • install LyX on a system where Python is not already installed (only needed when there is a new Python release or when there is a new Python script in LyX)
  • install LyX on a system where ImageMagick is not already installed (always needed, because every month the fix security issues)
  • install LyX on a system where Ghostscript is already installed (always needed, due to ImageMagick)
  • install LyX on a system where JabRef is already installed (only needed when there is a new JabRef release

This is quite a lot of testing, and there are still many unchecked cases:

  • Vista
  • Vista x64
  • Acrobat 7, Acrobat 8, Acrobate 8.1 (yes, every version behaves differently)
  • FoxitReader
  • SumatraPDF
  • TeXLive 2005, TeXLive 2006, TeXLive 2007 (every version behaves differently)
  • Starting when MikTeX 2.4 is already installed, Starting when MikTeX 2.5 is already installed...


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