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Description of test procedure for a new release of a the Windows installers of LyX. This page should hopefully allow advanced Windows users to help testing the installers.

1.  Test procedure for the alternate Windows installer

The major problem with testing a new release of the Windows installer is that it cannot be built until after the source code of a new LyX release has been prepared. This means a slight delay between a new LyX release and the release of a corresponding Windows installer.

It is especially helpful with users that are able to build the Windows installer themselves, in case Uwe is delayed in building it after a new LyX release.

Uwe's testing routine of the alternate Windows installer.

  • Install complete: deinstall Aspell, MiKTeX, ImageMagick, LyX, etc. before installing LyX
  • Install small: start with an already installed MiKTeX
  • Install on different systems: WinXP, WinXPx64, Win2000
  • Install update: start from the previous LyX installation

In all 4 cases I test:

  • Graphics, InstantPreview, Spellchecker, Math, Thesaurus, and if I can I compile the UserGuide

But there are these additional cases:

  • install LyX on a system where Aspell is already installed (only needed when there is a new Aspell release)
  • install LyX on a system where Python is not already installed (only needed when there is a new Python release or when there is a new Python script in LyX)
  • install LyX on a system where ImageMagick is not already installed (always needed, because every month the fix security issues)
  • install LyX on a system where Ghostscript is already installed (always needed, due to ImageMagick)
  • install LyX on a system where JabRef is already installed (only needed when there is a new JabRef release

This is quite a lot of testing, and there are still many unchecked cases:

  • Vista
  • Vista x64
  • Acrobat 7, Acrobat 8, Acrobate 8.1 (yes, every version behaves differently)
  • FoxitReader
  • SumatraPDF
  • TeXLive 2005, TeXLive 2006, TeXLive 2007 (every version behaves differently)
  • Starting when MikTeX 2.4 is already installed, Starting when MikTeX 2.5 is already installed...

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