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Categories: Development, LyX_2_1
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Various notes about the new XML file format for LyX 2.0

Work in progress ...

Road to an XML format

The first step should be to change the current format meta-characters \ to an intermediate format where the meta-characters are those of XML <&>

Some examples:

  • \lyxformat<lyxformat>
  • \backslask\
  • <, >, &&lt;, &gt;, &amp;

Testing tips

Command sequences

  • Command that instructs LyX to open a file and save it under a different name. The file is deleted first to avoid a question about overwriting the output file.
    rm -f $fout
    lyx -x "command-sequence file-open $fin; buffer-write-as $fout; lyx-quit;"
    Note: An extra argument -lyxdir <path-to-lyxdir/lib> may be needed.


Category: Development, LyX_2_1

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