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This page points to user-provided layouts (a.k.a. document classes). Modules can be found on the Modules page.

To use the layouts, just copy the respective *.layout (and, if included, *.inc) files to the layouts folder of your user directory (if the folder doesn't exist yet, create it) and then reconfigure LyX (Tools→Reconfigure). After a restart of LyX, the new layouts can be selected in Document→Settings→Document Class.

It is suggested that contributors take credit/accept blame. Unless noted otherwise, contributors can be contacted either through the user or developer mailing lists. If you want to contribute a layout file, see adding material and about uploading for tips and instructions. If you add a layout, please also add an item to PageList (included below).

What layouts are there?

If you are looking for layouts, don't forget to check the LyX documentation for the layouts that come with LyX.

Layouts for scientific journals that are already included in LyX are listed in the corresponding section of Examples

Note that many layouts are included in LyX, but may not be immediately available because your TeX installation doesn't include the style files.

These layouts are listed in menu Document > Settings... > Document Class, and their names begin with "Unavailable: ...". If you choose one, LyX will tell you the name of the style files missing, which you must download, for example from the "Author's Toolkit" of a journal that uses this style. You have to copy them to the path <your TeX user files>/tex/latex.

For example, on Windows your TeX user files may be in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\MiKTeX\<version number>. On Ubuntu, your TeX user files may be in "/usr/local/share/texmf/", so you should put the class file/s in the folder "/usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/" (create this folder if it doesn't exist).

After you copy the files, rehash by running texhash, or <Miktex folder>/miktex/bin/texhash.exe (on Windows this may be in C:\Programs). Then, in LyX click Tools > Reconfigure, and restart it. The layout will become available.

  1. Journals and Stylesheets
  2. Books
    • SVMono - Springer Document Class for Monographs: layout, class and makeindex files, with instructions for installing on OSX. If you use this and have problems, please contact the author. And if you don't have problems, please let us know. Note that an alternative SVMono layout file is included in LyX as of version 1.6.5.
    • tufte-book: Layout produces a book from the tufte-book class at Tufte-LaTeX webpage
    • sffms: Layout produces fiction manuscripts for submission http://github.com/kcyarn/sffms-LyX-Layouts. Note: Different layouts for 1.6.* and 2.0.*. To report an issue, please go to the Github project page and click "Issues".
    • LyXBook is a collection of layouts from the Editorium designed specifically for typesetting books in LyX (novels, histories, biographies, and so on).
  3. Theses
  4. Presentations/Slides
    • LaTeX-beamer: LaTeX-beamer &ndash; a class and layout for presentations
    • Powerdot: Powerdot &mdash; another powerful presentation class
    • Seminar: Alternative implementation of seminar.layout, a comprehensive LaTeX class for slides (including documentation and template).
  5. Letters
    • Dinbrief: Letter layout according to the German DIN norm. (revised version)
    • Brev: A4 letters for window envelopes.
    • beletter: Typeset Belgian letters
    • frletter: Typeset French letters
    • lettre: Typeset French letters (Observatoire de Genève class)
  6. Proposals
    • NIH Grant proposal. You can find a LaTeX document class, LyX layout and LyX template for creating NIH grant proposals.
  7. Miscellaneous

(Category: Layouts)

General comments

A "lawyer" wrote:

 > I am just starting out and wondered if there are any layouts
 > (e.g., alternatives for a book, legal briefs for lawyers) that
 > I can easily  install?
 > For example, I want to have the book print only the chapter short
 > name at  the top, not "Chapter 3." in front of it. 
 > Also, the title page is not what  a publisher generally uses.
 > For legal briefs, I think lyx would be a great application for our
 > firm, assuming we could get predefined layouts.

I think you have to create the layouts yourself (unless you're lucky). If you have latex for how your layouts should look, I'd say it is pretty easy to do this. So maybe you should try and find "a latex class" or "latex style" for what you want.

Then it is of course quite possible to modify existing layouts to suit your needs. Here's a URI to someone who describes his experience with that: (can't remember wich one it is, but both are "good" for you)

Then there is of course all the other links...

However, I also think I've seen stuff in this list before about writing "legal stuff", so maybe you could search the list archives?

Or, send a specific question with a title like:

       Looking for a layout for 'legal something something'

that ought to get the attention of other laywers :-) And even if they don't have the layout, maybe you could cooperate in creating it.

When it comes to help, this list is a good place to get tips on how to change particulars. Also


A template following the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) may be found here: http://willhardy.com.au/aglc-and-latex/ /R Layouts

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