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Miscellaneous guidelines related to the LyX development.


Recommendations for 'newcomers' (non-official proposal by André)

Note: The "newcomers" are people that have been around for a while and already got some of their stuff committed by others.

Depending on the severity:

  • Purely cosmetical, small scale changes (correcting spelling mistakes in comments, whitespace changes or so) should be sent to the list.
    Can be committed after a grace period of a few hours.
  • If it is 'really obvious', wait a day or two or (preferably) you get an explicit 'ok', then commit.
  • If it is 'easy' and in 'your playground' (which would be RTL in this case) better wait for explicit consent or resent after a couple of days and then commit.
  • If it is 'business as usual in your playground' try to get affirmation, even twice.
  • Changes to area of the code outside your playground should be discussed. For thing like changing default settings try to reach consensus. Then 'business as usual'.
  • Severe changes to the core should only happen after reaching consensus on the list, i.e. usually four or five people in favour and the rest not being vocal about their dissent.
  • After a while, you may bump all rules by a level, and after a few decades you'll invent rules by yourself...

Special cases (non-official proposal by Jürgen S.)

  • If we're in a pre-release phase, stick to the rules defined by the maintainer
  • In the stable branch: no commit without explicit agreement of the stable branch maintainer

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