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About the servers related to LyX development, production and distribution. Also see LyX.Internet Resources. This page contains additional information only relevant for developers.

1.  Services and servers


The service is run on

1.2, see

The service is run on


The service is run on



  • Lars Gullik Bjønnes
  • Jean-Marc Lasgouttes



  • Tanguy Ortolo
  • ?

Users with write access:

  • Lars Gullik Bjønnes
  • Jean-Marc Lasgouttes

2.  Sections included from LyX.InternetResources

About the LyX FTP-sites

There are two main FTP-sites related to LyX.

3.  Uploading files to the FTP-sites

Not even developers do direct uploads to, only a very small set of people have access to that server.

In order to upload files to any of the FTP-sites, please upload the files to Then, via the developers' list (, contact either Jean-Marc or Lars and ask them to move the files to their proper location.

Please note that the directory is write only, so files uploaded to that directory cannot be downloaded from that directory.

4.  Getting files to developers for them to place on the FTP-sites

In order to get a file to someone with access to the correct FTP-site, you can use a service such as

Category: Development, Internet resources

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