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Categories: Development, LyX_2_0
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The roadmap for LyX 2.0.

Transit alpha -> beta

  • the list below gets cleared out
  • no highest prority and dataloss bug around


Date: the closest prerelease tarball planned here.

Things to be finished

  • Multiple viewers/converters. Juergen asked for some help; how this evolved, what is to be done in this area?
    J: I still did not yet find the time to re-address this. I need to clean up the tree with my changes (it doesn't compile anymore) and re-ponder the thing. I hope I can do this eventually. If not, LyX 2.0 should be released without this feature.
    R: I can do the graph work, if I know precisely what needs doing. We had some discussions, but then they kind of died, as we both got busy. So I'm not quite sure where we stand.
    bug #3648 related.
  • rc2rc conversion scripts for converting older preferences into new ones. Jose promised to come with something.
  • Tabular stuff. Edwin, Uwe and Abdel seem to work on it right now. Problems listed here.
  • The "Export as ZIP" feature.


Category: Development, LyX_2_0

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