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Categories: Development, LyX_2_4
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The roadmap for LyX 2.4.0.

Transit alpha -> beta

  • the list below gets cleared out
  • no highest prority and dataloss bug around


Date: the closest prerelease tarball planned here.

Things to be finished

alpha -> beta

  • -dALLOWPSTRANSPARENCY for ghostscript needed in TeXLive-2021; we might want it as a new default (i.e. \converter "ps" "pdf" "ps2pdf -dALLOWPSTRANSPARENCY $$i $$o" "hyperref-driver=dvip). Did not have time to check implications of such change; see thread Thu Mar 18 03:55:01 2021. However if we do such change better to do it now than in RC stage. (I will try to look on it within next days, if not done till the end of 2021, I'll move it to lower priority section, Pavel)
  • LyX's configure should not assume 'python' command exists.( https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=mid&q=20210215004347.vha7nygqpd6g5h5q%40tallinn ) (Jose?)
  • Reverting the behavior that changes a missing child from an error to a warning (you can see discussion here: https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=mid&=20210416164324.gnegtimfws37hhma%40tallinn ). (If I remember correctly, it's not just a simple revert, although I forgot the details. In any case, I just need to find time to work on it and revert it and run through a variety of situations. Scott)

beta -> RC

  • improve detection/users warning for banned eps->pdf conversion of imagemagick (high priority before final release, but not for next alpha/beta etc) (Pavel)

RC -> Final

Tentative list of improvements devs have in mind, no need of fix for the next release

  • fix hyperref, so people can use unicode= etc (Email thread "Hyperref support" Wed Mar 18 16:31:48 2020 on users list) (would be nice, but we have this issue for years) (Pavel)
  • recent toc_ related crashes (thread from Mon Nov 1 14:24:46 202; we have Juergen's patch, but there might other pending issues I would like to review). (Pavel)


Category: Development, LyX_2_4

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