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Homepage of LyX's Documentation

On this page you find the current version of LyX's documentation (2.4.0).

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  1.   1.  Download
    1.   1.1  Tutorial
    2.   1.2  UserGuide
    3.   1.3  Additional
    4.   1.4  Math
    5.   1.5  Customization
    6.   1.6  Embedded Objects
  2.   2.  Workflow

You can download the current version from here, versions for (some) older releases can be found here.

The documentation project need your help. So if you have comments, annotations, suggestions please send them to LyX's documentation mailing list

1.  Download

All files are under the GNU General Public License.

§1.1  Tutorial

Released with LyX 2.4.0:
English: Tutorial

French: Manuel d'apprentissage
German: Tutorium
Japanese: LyX入門篇
Spanish: Tutorial

§1.2  UserGuide

Released with LyX 2.4.0:
English: UserGuide

French: Guide de l'utilisateur
German: Benutzerhandbuch
Japanese: LyXユーザーの手引き
Spanish: Guía del usuario.pdf

§1.3  Additional

Released with LyX 2.4.0:
English: Additional LyX Features

French: Options avancées de LyX
German: Erweiterte LyX Features
Japanese: LyXの高度な機能
Spanish: Características adicionales de LyX

§1.4  Math

Released with LyX 2.4.0:
English: Detailed Math manual

French:Manuel mathématique détaillé
German: Detailliertes Mathe Handbuch
Japanese: LyXの数式詳細説明書
Spanish: Manual detallado de Matemáticas

§1.5  Customization

Released with 2.4.0:
English: Customizing LyX: Features for the Advanced User

French: Personnaliser LyX: fonctions pour l'utilisateur avancé
German: LyX-Anpassung: Möglichkeiten für fortgeschrittene Benutzer
Japanese: LyXの高度設定
Spanish: Personalizar LyX: Características para el usuario avanzado

§1.6  Embedded Objects

Released with 2.4.0
English: Detailed Figure, Table, Floats, Notes, Boxes and External Material Manual

French: Manuel détaillé pour les figures, les tableaux, les flottants, les notes, les boîtes et les objets externes
German: Das LyX-Handbuch der Einfügungen: Abbildungen, Tabellen, Gleitobjekte, Notizen und Boxen
Japanese: LyXの図表・フロート・註釈・ボックス・外部素材に関する詳細説明書
Spanish: Manual detallado de Figuras, Cuadros, Flotantes, Notas, Marcos y Archivos

2.  Workflow

Revisions and additions of existing English manuals are tracked with LyX's change tracking. The change tracking markup helps the translators to identify changes in the manuals. It is up to the documentation maintainer to accept the changes after some time. In any case, the documentation maintainer assures that all changes are resolved before a release.

Categories: Documentation, Manuals, Tips and Tricks

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