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Homepage of LyX's Documentation

On this page you find the current version of LyX's documentation.

Table of contents

  1. Download
    1. 1.1  Tutorial
    2. 1.2  UserGuide
    3. 1.3  Math
    4. 1.4  Customization
    5. 1.5  Embedded Objects
  2. Maintaining
  3. Workflow

You can download the current version from here.

The documentation project need your help. So if you have comments, annotations, suggestions please send them to LyX's documentation mailing list


All files are under the GNU General Public License.

§ Tutorial

Released with LyX 2.2.3:
English: Tutorial.lyx
French: Tutorial.lyx
German: Tutorial.lyx
Spanish: Tutorial.lyx
English: Tutorial.pdf
French: Tutorial.pdf
German: Tutorial.pdf
Spanish: Tutorial.pdf

§ UserGuide

Released with LyX 2.2.3:
English: UserGuide.lyx
French: UserGuide.lyx
German: UserGuide.lyx
Spanish: UserGuide.lyx
English: UserGuide.pdf
French: UserGuide.pdf
German: UserGuide.pdf
Spanish: UserGuide.pdf

§ Math

Released with LyX 2.2.3:
English: Math.lyx
French: Math.lyx
German: Math.lyx
Spanish: Math.lyx
English: Math.pdf
French: Math.pdf
German: Math.pdf
Spanish: Math.pdf

§ Customization

Released with 2.2.3:
English: Customization.lyx
French: Customization.lyx
German: Customization.lyx
Spanish: Customization.lyx
English: Customization.pdf
French: Customization.pdf
German: Customization.pdf
Spanish: Customization.pdf

§ Embedded Objects

Released with 2.2.3:
English: EmbeddedObjects.lyx
French: EmbeddedObjects.lyx
German: EmbeddedObjects.lyx
Spanish: EmbeddedObjects.lyx
English: EmbeddedObjects.pdf
French: EmbeddedObjects.pdf
German: EmbeddedObjects.pdf
Spanish: EmbeddedObjects.pdf


Here's a list of the current documentation maintainers:

  • Intro, Embedded Objects, Math, Tutorial, UserGuide: Uwe Stöhr
  • Customization, Additional: Richard Heck
  • LFUNs: Pavel Sanda (automatic generation)


Revisions and additions of existing English manuals are tracked with LyX's change tracking. The change tracking markup helps the translators to identify changes in the manuals. It is up to the documentation maintainer to accept the changes after some time. In any case, the documentation maintainer assures that all changes are resolved before a release.

Categories: Documentation, Manuals, Tips and Tricks

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