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Links to documentation about LyX and other things related to LyX.

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1.  Help documents distributed with LyX

The LyX installation comes with several help documents, look under the menu Help. There you should find for instance: Introduction, Tutorial and the User's guide. See LyX help documents for more information.

The latest versions of these manuals can be found in PDF format on this page: Manuals

1.1  Merged manuals

  • Searchable PDF of merged manuals of LyX 1.6.4

(:uploadlist /LyX/Manuals/1.6.4/ itemprefix=** fmt=detailed :)

  • Searchable Contents of combined Tutorial, User, Extended, & Customization Guides

(:uploadlist /LyX/Manuals/1.4.2/merged_manuals itemprefix=** fmt=detailed :)

2.  Generic and introductory documentation

3.  Documentation about specific aspects/parts

4.  Documentation development homepage

5.  External documentation

Searching list archives when problem solving is urgent:

  • Search LyX user's list [] - A good web interface to search the LyX users mailing list
  • Search LyX user's list [] - Another web interface to search the LyX user's mailing list
  • Links: Links to other sites and resources related to LyX
    • HOWTO for LyX/Mac [] contains information about for instance installing LyX on a Macintosh.

6.  Development Related Issues:

7.  Directory listing of the LyX documentation as PDF:s

(:uploadlist /LyX/Documentation itemprefix=* recurse=yes fmt=detailed :)

8.  Categories

Category: Documentation

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