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Finding your way around this site

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You are looking at a page in the LyX wiki-wiki (the name of this page is Navigation). Every page belongs to a wiki group (this page belongs to the group Site/), and the groups are used to keep related pages together (e.g., the group FAQ/ contains pages with frequently asked questions about LyX).


On the left side of this window, you can see the following menus:

Page trails

There is often a WikiTrail at the top of each page, and on this page it looks like this:

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The trail consists of three links, where the left (right) link moves you to the previous (next) page in a series of pages that is defined on the page that you get to by clicking on the middle link.


To simplify navigation, the groups have been separated into two separate wikis, see fields for details.

See the site map for details of what groups the different categories contain.

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