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Tutorials on using LyX

Feel free to add tutorials (or links to tutorials) below.

See AddingMaterial and AboutUploading for tips/instructions on adding material and uploading files. Tutorials should be uploaded to the directory tutorials/ (or a subdirectory). If you create a separate page for the tutorial, use a page name that begins with Tutorial (singular form) and add a link to it below.

List of tutorials

A simple guide to LaTeX/LyX by Bo Peng

Bo Peng has written a tutorial that was initially for internal use at http://www.stat.rice.edu. It is a crash course on LaTeX/LyX and starts from the basics of LaTeX and covers most basic usages of LyX.

The tutorial A simple guide to LaTeX/LyX[stat.rice.edu] can be read online, or downloaded from the wiki as lyxguide.lyx or lyxguide.pdf.


1 English translation: Writing a thesis using LyX, LaTeX and BibTeX (↑)

2 English translation: Presentation: Writing a Thesis with LyX: a comfortable way between the power/quality of LaTeX and the usability of a standard word processor (↑)


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