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Tutorials on using LyX

Feel free to add tutorials (or links to tutorials) below.

See AddingMaterial and AboutUploading for tips/instructions on adding material and uploading files. Tutorials should be uploaded to the directory tutorials/ (or a subdirectory). If you create a separate page for the tutorial, use a page name that begins with Tutorial (singular form) and add a link to it below.

List of tutorials sorted by year of publication




  • Wissenschaftliches Schreiben mit Lyx - Eine grundlegende Einführung für Natur- und Geisteswissenschaftler mit praktischen Tipps und Tricks, 1. Auflage, vividus Wissenschaftsverlag, 2021 von Marco Block-Berlitz, book webpage

2019 (Youtube videos)



  • Essentials of LyX — by Stephen Wolff and Liviu Andronic. Provides an overview of the essential features and functions of LyX for complete beginners (PDF and source).
  • LyX: advanced features — by venom00. Slides in English (PDF and source) and in italian (PDF and source) to present some LyX's advanced features (shortcuts, presentations with beamer and instant preview with XY-pic and TikZ).



  • LyX, LaTeX and TeX — An essential read for those creating or modifying environments by Steve Litt []
  • Self-publishing with LYX by Alan L Tyree. Very nice and informative book. Description extracted from the book: 'This book explains why you should use LYX if you are a self-publisher, and it examines those parts of LYX that are of particular importance to you as a self-publisher.'
  • GOT LyX? IT DOES A WRITING GOOD! ... by Truoc Duong (First Edition, Lulu Press, 2007, ISBN 978-1-4303-2841-4). This book shows you how download and install LyX and quickly teaches you how to use LyX to create professionally looking term papers, research papers, theses, paper books and ebooks.
  • LyX! THE ZEN OF SELF PUBLISHING! ... by Truoc Duong (First Edition, Lulu Press, 2007, ISBN 978-1-4303-1081-5). Not only is this book great for self publishing authors and freelance writers, but it is also a great guide for college students who want to impress their professors and classmates with their professionally looking term papers, reports, and theses.


  • LyX Quickstart — A LyX introduction by Steve Litt []



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