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  1.   1.  Wink
    1.   1.1  Creating the screencast
    2.   1.2  Instructions on uploading
  2.   2.  Screencast tools for Mac
  3.   3.  Categories

Video screencasts illustrating different aspects of LyX can be found at This page gives instructions on how to make screencasts, which you are encouraged to contribute!

1.  Wink

On Windows and Linux platforms, screencasts can be made with Wink, a free download. Wink is very easy to learn and use. It is capable not only capable of recording the screen; you can add texts, buttons and so on to the resulting flash film, thus creating great tutorials.

1.1  Creating the screencast

To reduce the file size of the screencast, check "use palette" in Project -> Settings. Then, go to Project -> Edit Palette -> New and choose "Histogram + Optimized Octree".

1.2  Instructions on uploading

When you upload to the Wiki, make sure to upload not just the SWF file, but also the .htm file and .js file that Wink generates. Then link to the .htm file. This should improve the video quality.

I think the explanation is here:

If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask on one of the lists.

2.  Screencast tools for Mac

3.  Categories

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