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1.  Disappearing references

If you are using BibTeX, a Table of Contents, and figures, sometimes your references will disappear in the output, to be replaced with '???' or similar. The problem (for me anyway) is that LyX adds a lot of bloat to the list-of-figures lines in the .aux file, causing BibTeX to barf with a "Sorry -- buffer exceeded" error. A cheesy-but-effective workaround is to Export your files as LaTeX, then paste the caption back in as Evil Red Text.

2.  Citesort Package

The package citesort conflicts with the babel package which is automatically loaded with LyX. By disabling Babel, citesort works properly when included in the latex preamble as \usepackage{citesort}. If babel is not disabled, referencing will not work properly. See the Wiki for how to disable babel.

3.  References with spaces in title

LyX doesn't seem to like reference tags with spaces (as of 1.4.3). This is solved by removing the spaces (say replacing with underscores) in the BibTeX file.

4.  References with comma " , " in path

LyX doesn't seem to like reference tags with " , ". This is solved by removing the " , " in the BibTeX file or BibteX file path or copying the bibtex file to a directory without "," in.

5.  Wrong hyperref in PDF output to the bibliography page

When using bibliography in PDF's without hyperlink support turned on the links in the TOC and bookmarks point to the page before the actual bibliography output.

To fix this add this ERT block before the bibliography placeholder:

The first line forces the printing of figures and tables while the second line actually contains the work-around.


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