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Using german bibliography and citings. [Watson and Crick, 1953] --> (Watson und Crick, 1953)

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Adding the .bst and setup

  1. Add a bibliography in LyX (You will be prompted to give the location of your .bib file)
  2. In your document settings, choose your preferred cite style (for example, natbib)
  3. Download a matching .bst file that is compatible to the cite style (for natbib use dinat.bst)
  4. Put that .bst into your bib style directory (for example: /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/bibtex/bst )
  5. Run texhash on the console, so your tex system will notice the update.
  6. in LyX: Choose Tools->Tex Information and select "Bibtex styles". There press rescan and select the new .bst file (e.g. dinat.bst)
  7. In your LyX-document: Click on the "Bibtex Generated Bibliography" button that represents your literature listing and choose the new .bst file.

Note: In your bib file you must not use a & and ل. For ل use "a . Note: The .bst file may already be available on your system.

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