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Introduction to using BibTeX with LyX

Paul Johnson has created a simple introductory example of how to use  
BibTeX together with LyX (see the links at the end of this page). 
This is a simple explanation of the key terms and ideas, and other 
documentation in this site will certainly be helpful after these 
elementary ideas are understood.  The original post in the user's 
list was his original mail

Subject: Elementary BibTeX/Lyx introduction available

When I started using LyX, I had never heard of BibTeX and was distressed
that most documentation about bibliographies in LyX assumed I knew about
LaTeX and BibTeX.  After a while, I found a workable way and wrote up an
introductory explanation for newcomers.

The document that shows the results of the process while displaying 
the linkage between LyX and BibTeX has been uploaded here:
That is simple and graphically illustrated.  A package including the lyx file 
and the graphics and bibliography files for the example have also been uploaded.
A less well illustrated (more fumbling and bumbling) document was circulated
a while ago, and I don't really recommend it to new users.  The only unique
component is that it explains one route by which to create customized natbib
style files for particular journals. That other document is here

and after people have made LyX work just once or twice with their BibTeX
file, then it will be appropriate to tackle the questions of style

Paul E. Johnson

See also

An introduction to LyX, LaTeX and TeX which has a section on BibTeX with screenshots from LyX 2.0.

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