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Using BibTeX or biblatex/biber to generate a List of Publications

by Jürgen Spitzmüller

If you are using BibTeX, you probably also added your own publications to the database. If so, you can also generate your list of publications semi-automatically, using BibTeX or biblatex/biber. The page describes a way for either technique.

Table of contents

  1. Traditional BibTeX
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  2. BibLaTeX
    1. 2.1  Downloads

Traditional BibTeX

All you need is a style file (*.bst) that extracts your work from the database. Such a stylefile is publist.bst, written by Nicolas Markey. It extracts your work from the bib file(s), removes your name from the author's list and adds "Joint work with <names of the other authors>" instead, if you have written the document not alone.

In order to do so, you have to tell bibtex who you are. This is done by an entry (or a separate bib-file), which looks like the following:

  myname = {Doe, John},
  jointwork = {with},
  testlevel = 1,
  nameformat = 0,
  reverse-sort = 1,
  year = {},

If you want to divide your list of publications per type (books, articles, proceedings etc.), you can do so by separating the types to different bib files and using bibtopic (which is fully supported as of LyX 1.4). See below for an example.

I have modified publist.bst a bit. Besides the look and feel, which more suits my needs, my style file jspublist-en.bst differs in the following points:

  • it also recognizes proceedings and collections (where there's no author, but an editor)
  • it adds extra labels (a,b etc.) when there's more than one work per year
  • it indicates the year in the margin, which might or might not be helpful if you have several publications per year.
  • it checks if the year is a real year or a string such as "Forthcoming" (a very simple test: it just checks if the year entry has four characters). In the latter case, it uses "to appear in" instead of "in".

Feel free to modify this file to fit your needs, but if you do so, please give the file a different name.



Biblatex does not use traditional style files, but so-called bibliography extension files (*.bbx). A bbx file that lets you generate a publication list similar to what is described above is provided by the biblatex-publist package on CTAN. The package comes with a manual which describes the usage.


  • An example file (PDF).
  • A zip archive including the files for this example (LyX file, PDF file, *.bib-files). This requires LyX 2.3.0 at least (examples for older LyX versions can be found here).
  • The biblatex-publist package on CTAN


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