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About the FAQ.

About the FAQ

This page contains notes about how we should deal with the LyX FAQ, i.e. questions such as the following:

  • What kind of information should the FAQ contain?
  • How should we maintain the FAQ?
  • How should users be able to access the FAQ?

Some related list posts:

Distribution of the FAQ

The goal is to make the FAQ available to LyX users in the following forms:

  • An online version available at the LyX wiki
  • A slightly less up-to-date version that is distributed with LyX as FAQ.lyx. This file should ideally be automatically generated from the FAQ wiki pages.

Generating FAQ.lyx

The idea is to generate a file, FAQ.lyx, from a set of wiki pages. This shouldn't be too difficult and there are two possible ways:

  • Via latex and tex2lyx. John Rankin is working on something that might be able to produce latex from a set of wiki pages.
  • Using a special script that directly generates a .lyx-file from the wiki markup

Please note that we can add our own special markup for the wiki pages if that makes things easier for us.

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