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Examples and templates for writing a CV/resume in LyX

1.  Examples/templates for writing a CV/resume in LyX

LyX 2.x contains currently these example files

2.  Examples from LyX users

2.1  Bruce Pourciau's CV Template

Bruce Pourciau's CV Template. Complete page here.

2.2  Liviu Andronic's CV Template

My best guess is that my template is an extension of Bruce's one.

In any case, this is a CV hacked-up around the article class. It was created using LyX 2.0 beta4 so it will be useful to most users only when 2.0 final is released. It is geared towards graduating students or people looking for a job. There are several bells and whistles that you can easily remove, and be sure to check the preamble and the Notes.

2.3  ModernCV , PlasmatiCV and FriggeriCV

The 3 templates are featured in a web form structure in Seeveeze (replaced

2.4  xetexCV class

Rob Oakes recently produced a new LaTeX class for writing CVs. For an extensive discussion of its features and the installation procedure see this blog post: Typeset Your Curriculum Vitae Part 1: The xetexCV Document Class. For a LyX template and layout file check this post: Typeset Your Curriculum Vitae Part 4: xetexCV and LyX.

Example, CV, Layouts

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