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How to include external program listings using pygments

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  1.   1.  Include programs listings
  2.   2.  Use in figures
  3.   3.  Issues
  4.   4.  Contributors
  5.   5.  Categories

1.  Include programs listings

This automatically uses the source code, and any change in the external source code will be visible in the LyX output.

Notice that you can skip the -l cpp parameter and then the pygmentize program will automatically select the appropriate language.

  • Install pygments that is available on
  • Run the program pygmentize with the command:
    pygmentize -f tex -S colorful > preamblePygments.tex
  • Open preamblePygments.tex and copy and paste everything from the row
(but do not include these two lines!) to the LaTeX Preamble window in document settings. Add these two lines at the beggining of the preamble:
Click the Save as Document Defaults button.
  • In the Preferences window you should add a new FileFormat
gedit is the texteditor that I use to write program code. Change to what you want to use. Notice that the Format name must be something unique that is not used elsewhere.
  • In the Converters windows you should add
    From: C++
    To: LaTeX(pdflatex)
    Converter: pygmentize -l cpp -o $$o  $$i
Add the same thing for conversion from C++ to LATEX(plain). Dont forget to change to reflect the language you are using. Also make sure that you don't use any "extra parameters".
  • Open the file external_templates that is in the LyX directory (either the global one, or copy the file to your own personal directory and edit that one). To the file you should add the following:
    Template CppCode         
    GuiName "[C++ $$Basename]"         
       Add C++ code
    InputFormat cpp         
    FileFilter "*.{cpp,h,hpp,c}"         
    AutomaticProduction true         
    Format LaTeX                 
    Product "{\\small \\input{$$FPath$$Basename.tex} }"
       UpdateFormat latex                 
       UpdateResult "$$FName.tex"         
    Format PDFLaTeX                 
       Product "{\\small \\input{$$FPath$$Basename.tex} }"
       UpdateFormat latex                 
       UpdateResult "$$FPath$$Basename.tex"         
  • Now you can use Insert , File, External Material and add your program code.

2.  Use in figures

You will likely want to use your code in figures as well. The process for this is fairly simple:

  • Insert a new figure with a caption
  • Optionally, insert a box
  • Insert->File->External Material and insert your code file

3.  Issues

  • I don't know how to break long lines in code.

4.  Contributors

5.  Categories

Category: Example

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