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Example of using spreadsheets as external insets in a LyX document


To try it out, download the spreadsheets and the LyX file. Put all in the same directory, then edit the LyX file with LyX 2.0.

LyX 2.0 & 2.1 supports spreadsheets made with Gnumeric, Openoffice and Excel. You need to have gnumeric installed, no matter what kind of spreadsheet you use. This because the converter is part of gnumeric. NOTE: This works only if your document is in single-column mode--go to Document -> Settings -> Text Layout and make sure Two-column document is unchecked. Otherwise you will get a LaTeX error, "Package longtable Error: longtable not in 1-column mode."


Category: Lyx20, Example, Spreadsheet, External inset

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