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Creating a document with two columns for writing exercises

This is from LyxUsersThreadRoot:14064 where Todd O'Bryan asked:

I want to write a worksheet for an algebra class in which the problems appear in 2 (or 3) columns. Is there an easy way to make the heading a single column and the body multi-column.

I know I could create a big table, but I'd prefer not to, if possible.

Angus attached an example file in LyxUsersPost:14064 in explains in LyxUsersPost:14069 that:

The imporatant line in the lyx file is \papercolumns 2 which you can set in the Layout->Documnent dialog.
  • Qt frontend select the "Two-column document" checkbox in the Paper pane.
  • Xforms frontend you want the "Columns" radiobuttons on the Document tab.

In recent versions (Windows and Linux) appears as "Two-column document" under Document->Settings, Text Layout tab

Rich also gave som additional comments in LyxUsersPost:14079, referring to multicols.

About multicols, you also have to add this to the preamble for it to work:
before your hair turns gray ...


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