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§ Fonts in the LyX workarea

§ The math fonts in LyX itself look ugly, what can I do?

Possibly the fonts that are used by LyX to display math are not correctly installed.

Recent version of LyX use the BaKoMa fonts to display math. The current BaKoMa fonts are distributed with LyX and should be installed and set up automatically. If not, you can get the fonts (although the package is a bit outdated) here.

Some older rpm prepared by Paul Johnson for Linux users can be downloaded from here.

In case of Fedora, BaKoMa fonts are already included in the lyx-fonts package.

Intelligent OSes should install the fonts from the unpacked ZIP-archive automatically. In case it does not happen, you can manually copy the bakoma files to your fonts folder (on Linux: ~/.fonts in your user directory).

§ How can I check if LyX uses my fonts?

Run the command:

 xset q

The font path should include a reference to your ~/.lyx/xfonts or the global share/lyx/xfonts directories.

You can add to the fontpath with a command such as this:

 xset +fp ~/.lyx/xfonts

FAQ Fonts

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